Spanish artist resident in Bywell, Stocksfield

Based in a strong foundation of drawing, his work it moves from the more reprensentational realism on his portraits, throughout a dreamlike realism, to the broad surrealism of his sculptures made with found objects and the photography of flukes in Nature.

Born in Oviedo

Paco Garcia is a Spanish artist, originally from Oviedo in Asturias, the north of Spain. His artistic training spanned Oviedo, Seville and then Barcelona where worked and exhibited for fifteen years...


@ pacogarciaart

Showcase of the creative process (proceso creativo), body of work (obra) and misdemeanours (delitos) of the mentioned above (del susodicho).

“Artist W-hole”- SELLING as part of the #artistsupportpledge 

£135 + P&P, please DM if interested.

28cm x 20cm on paper, done with ink, watercolour, white gouache and 

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“Street Live” - My fifth as part of the #artistsupportpledge 

£125 + P&P, DM if interested.

22.5cm x 30.5cm on  paper and unframed in watercolour, glaze and white gouache.
“The Artist”- My fourth piece as part of the #artistsupportpledge 


Selling for £80 + P&P, DM if interested.

22cm x 16cm on paper unframed , mixed technique.