About Paco


Paco Garcia is a Spanish artist, originally from Oviedo in Asturias, the north of Spain. His artistic training spanned Oviedo, Seville and then Barcelona where worked and exhibited for fifteen years.

In 1994 he moved to England; first in London and then, seven years ago, to the Tyne Valley in Northumberland where he now has his studio. The main focus of his work is figurative, and since coming to live in England, commissioned portraits.

He also exhibits in solo and groups shows, presenting a more subjective and surrealistic line of work from the imagination. This includes sculptures of found objects, photography of ‘accidents of nature’, as well as paintings.


Born Oviedo, Spain
1972-73 Art & Crafts School, Oviedo

Drawing and Painting under Dr Magin Berenguer

Moved to Barcelona, Spain
1979-86 School of Fine Arts St. Jordi, Barcelona

Drawing, painting, sculpture and history of art under Dr Rafael Santos-Torruella

1979-86 Circulo Artistico de St. Lluc, Barcelona

Life Drawing

1979-86 Conservatory of Book Arts, Barcelona

Etching under Dr Antonia Duque

1979-86 Study tours in Italy

Florence, Perugia, Venice, Rome

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